Bushell's Riverside established 2014

Bushell's Upper Deck opened April 2017

Where we are

We are on Dartmouth's South Embankment, with stunning views over the harbour activity in the River Dart and to Kingswear on the far side. Dartmouth is a fascinating market town with a long nautical history. It is full of attractive old buildings, shops, pubs, and clubs. It is home to the Britannia Royal Naval College which has been training naval officers since 1863.

In Dartmouth, you can participate in many water-borne activities – rowing, sailing, canoeing, fishing, various ferries, etc. Or you can relax in the gardens, the museum or the Flavel Arts Centre. It is home to a healthy fishing fleet and to many yachts. Dartmouth is a popular holiday destination for visitors arriving over land, by yacht or by cruise ship.